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. however, let us check-in with erica. >> we can see some patches over redwood city. just south of palo alto and in the south bay towards real pieces. along highway 237, there is light rain over highway no. 13, albany, towards marin up. near lafayette and walnut creek. wet weather. you are going to need your windshield wipers. and interstate 680. to the north bay, we do have a dry creek put for the most part we are seen some light rain over interstate 80 near american canyon. it is a wet start. but i do not think it is going to be messy it is a light in nature and no where near the intensity. the satellite and radar showing that we are not seen her we're -- seeing it here near lake tahoe but as we take a look of the temperatures out the door 50s in novado. 50s in hayward and redwood city coming in at 57 degrees. the afternoon highs will bring the '60s and '70s with warm conditions compared to yesterday. mostly sunny skies. upper 60s reported in sunnyvale. evergreen, 69 degrees in san jose in the east be shot will see plenty of sunshine with upper 60s in pittsburgh, antioch. '70s in walnut cr
-free in spots look at these temperatures 72 antioch, 62 fremont, 61 redwood city. 63 half moon bay. we are starting out warm. 55 in san jose, we are looking at temperatures warmer than yesterday we are going to start out with the warmth and even warmer with upper 70s around the bay mid 80s inland and we haven't gotten to our offshore flow yet. >>> good morning. fog-free on the golden gate bridge. roadwork north section slow traffic there confined to the south part of the bridge as you head into san francisco light traffic. roadwork throughout marin county. cortamadera to mill valley until 6:00 this morning. 280, 85 roadwork both ramps. 280 shutdown until 6 a.m. police activity valencia street in san francisco. >>> federal search agencies continue to look for pilot and plane that took off from half moon bay 24 hoursing aheaded for tucson, arizona but did not show up. the pilot's wife reported the plane missing. tail number n 72 ah. airport officials at half moon bay confirm the plane is not on the property, faa ordered search. registered owner is a man from florida it is not clear if he
, veterans boulevard redwood city chestnut seat seeing a little bit of radar -- chestnut street, seeing a little bit of radar activity. santa cruz avenue down 101 into the south bay. fremont boulevard, durham road, a little light rain and just now passing by the sunol grade to the east into the higher elevation is another healthy cell. these are sliding south and to the east, east bay valleys you are going to get rain, south bay going to pick up in intensity over the next hour. best chance of showers right now. they will taper towards the back half of the commute, we'll see clouds open by noon. isolated shower like yesterday afternoon with temperatures mainly in the low to mid 60s. showers tomorrow, mainly over the ocean, clearing in the afternoon, temperatures jump in the 70s friday and saturday away from the coast in the 60s close to where we should be. >>> wet roads the issue this morning. give yourself extra time, whether you -- wherever you are headed 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields into the macarthur maze wet but moving no problems bay bridge wet morning towards the
city. as for the coast it was 94! with redwood city. and we are going to start to see cooler weather as we go towards tomorrow. with only one record broke in mountain view. and san jose tied a previous cured temperatures in the 60s and noticed by noon we are not going to warm as nearly as what we saw today. temperatures in the '70s, the 80s. we will take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up. >> new tonight at 8:00 p.m. in santa rosa officials say that these birds have been infected with west nile. lab tests so that these blog crows work tested positive. for these-black crows. and if they are carrying this however it is still transmitted through the mosquito bites and it is ideal conditions for breeding grounds of standing water. this is one of the worst viruses and several years. with 150 deaths have been reported around the nation most of those in the state of texas. would be responsible for a number of deaths after this rest. palo alto police say that this woman could to responsible abigale lee.. is going to the contents of the car and also had a stolen credit car
the heaviest rain has been throughout the morning from san mateo to san carlos redwood city into palo alto, watch out around edgewood drive, university avenue, oak grove avenue, ray road, right off the dumbarton bridge into east palo alto heavier rain this is slowly taking over south bay 237 starting to get wet it going to keep heading into san jose over the next hour. sooner you can leave in san jose, the better. everybody else if you can wait a little the roads will be more passable as we head deeper into the commute. today low to mid 60s increasing sunshine. here's sue with all those accidents. >>> speaking of san jose, live shot of highway 87 northbound past hp pavillion you can see traffic flowing nicely northbound right now no problems there. mike just mentioned rain at the bay bridge, you can barely see the cars headed to the toll plaza, rain affecting our cameras at the bay bridge toll, high winds there as well. bart still experiencing 10 to 15 minute delays san francisco station out towards pittsburg bay point two trains now have those delays everyone else is on time. muni and cal
. livermore set a new record today of 100 degrees. redwood city will be very close tomorrow, expecting 90 degrees there. the record is 93 in san jose. the high tomorrow 94 with the record there of 97. elsewhere the records are just two hot. it will be another spare the air day tomorrow. air quality improving a bit. the north bay and south bay, moderate levels. good levels coast swell the central bay but still rather poor as you head toward the inland east bay in the santa clara valley. lows tonight with the clear sky dropping off, 50s in the north bay. mid-to low 50s. could be chilly up there. 65 for san francisco. so folks, here is a look at the highs for tomorrow. 94 for san jose. we will go with cupertino 91 degrees. at our beaches, 67. 90 for redwood city. san francisco tomorrow 82 degrees downtown, south city 80 degrees. north bay 96 for santa rosa. napa 94. oakland 87 degrees. 83 for fremont. we will look for 1302 for brentwood, 100 for antioch and gilroy tomorrow 100 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast will start to cool things off by midweek wednesday, thursday and friday. bac
to possibly middle 90s redwood city could hit 93° today. coast warmer than yesterday, throw upper 70s. a lot of sunshine today and a lot of heat. if you are going to be out in the sun drink plenty of fluids try to find shade, light colored, loose fitting clothing. cooling trend we'll talk about in a if you minutes. >>> good morning. sonoma highway 12 an accident wires down at that intersection. elsewhere earlier accident north 101 at 280 in the daly city area has been cleared. north 101 at cesar shah resident roadwork until 5:00 this morning. marin county, -- shp issuing a team alert -- chp issuing a speed team alert they will be out in force. >>> race against time in the search for two missing fishermen whose boat capsized in the ocean off the san mateo county coast. kira klapper joins us from the coast guard station. >> reporter: the coast guard has been searching overnight, on the water and by helicopter, still searching for those two men missing since yesterday morning. video from yesterday morning after the boat washed up on the rocks 11:30 you can see it crash and overturned, the boat
throughout the day. 69 down and redwood city and 69 in santa rosa. a look at your fleet week forecast the blue angels will take to the co skies and on friday, saturday and sunday. one sunday that will mean more cloud cover. on monday we will have a chance of showers as you move to the rest of the next work week. remember you can get the latest forecast 247 always on comcast 193. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing
forecast, we will have that sea breeze. 59 redwood city mild as you head out with cool numbers to the north 50 is , 57 half moon bay livermore 57, 61 in antioch. if you are planning the rest of your day, partly cloudy by the 11:00 hour 60s around the bay inland should be in mid 60s by the afternoon mostly sunny, low 60s on our coast near 70 around the bay, upper 70s inland this is a couple degrees cooler than yesterday and then by the evening hours, it will get cool quick and we'll see that fog reform not a lot of fog over the weekend we'll keep temperatures fairly similar with no rain in sight on these three days. stay tuned as we extend the forecast we are looking at rain showers next week. >>> good morning. happy friday. a lot going on. right now roads are quiet live look at emeryville, 80 berkeley funneling into the maze heading into the bay bridge. here's what you will find, no metering lights, light traffic into san francisco via bay bridge. san mateo bridge same thing looking good eastbound and westbound from the peninsula to the east bay or vice versa, no delays. marin county one la
a high now of 70 which is spot on for this time of the year. currently in the mid 70s in redwood city. after realizing 76 in redwood city. 64 degrees downtown san francisco for the saturday night plans and the winds are picking up. on shore flow we remember at 17 miles per hour. -- westerly at 17 miles per hour. the extended forecast calls for the temperatures to warm each day but tonight. tumble into the 40s and the 50s with the areas of clouds. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area banging up against the pacific northwest riding a very vigorous jet stream. we have the big dome of high pressure that's sliding to california and warming up the air mass. watch what happens. first off futurecast watch the clock. you see some of the valleys fill in with areas of patchy low clouds and fog. otherwise north bay pretty fog free. then all the clouds pretty much retreat during the afternoon hours and we have this stage set for a day that's going to pan out to be warmer than today. 60s coming at the beaches. 70s are on the peninsula. northwest breeze late day to 20 and san jose
temperatures back in the 50s, 57 for oakland, 54 redwood city, 55 in san ra fell. partly to mostly cloudy skies expecting fog once again in many areas. 56 in antioch and by the afternoon temperatures warming up a few degrees over today's highs. 86 for santa rosa, 83 in nevada, mid 70s for sausalito. 77 for oakland up over the hills and it's a warm one, livermore 76, 87 for pittsburgh, 81 for san jose, 80 greece for you santa clara and along the pe ninsular upper 70s to low 80s. 80 greers redwood city. 76 for san mateo. 74 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. going to be a nice day in downtown. there's your extended forecast with the heat up in the low 90s in the forecast wednesday/thursday and offshore breeze and the possibility of heightened fire concerns so we'll be watching that for you but then we cool down into the weekend. gasia. >>> thank you, rose mary. san francisco giants fans are hoping their home field advantage will finally translate into a victory tonight [ crowd cheerg ] . >>> game two of the league championship series begins shortly after #50k this evening but excitement over ton
in the batter's box to face the pitcher. we have bob redell joining us from redwood city. we hear some giants' scouts out there. let's see what you got, big man. >> reporter: good morning, jon and marla. you see this side of my face? does it look good now? >> you look great. handsome. >> reporter: there will be a contusion or fracture going on. we are at the california baseball club. they called us up and they said with the giants in the post season, have you ever wondered what it is like to take a 100-mile-an-hour fastball? what is it like hitting against a 100-mile-an-hour ball? >> not too much time to think about it. you have to get in there and get ready early and get the bat going. >> reporter: let's get you lined up. he will take three pitches. what is the trick or key to someone who has never taken a pitch? >> get ready early. >> reporter: you connected. you are moving toward the ball as he is releasing? >> as he's getting ready, i'm getting ready. that's the only way to catch up. when that ball is coming out of his hands, i'm ready to go just like he is. no delay. ready? >> reporter:
. still 70's right now. 89 today for redwood city. oakland, four degrees above the previous record at 87. concord hit 87 degrees. we have some changes not only temperature wise. >>> an area teenager was one badge away from becoming an eagle scout when he was kicked out for being gay. he decided to fight back, the only way he knew how. >> reporter: three boxes, 400,000 signatures from around the world, hand delivered to the boy scouts, by a troop member, denied the scout's highest honor because he's guy. ryan andresen still wears his uniform, despite being kicked out on the verge of becoming an eagle scout. he and his parents do want their local chapter to change their policy against gay scouts. officially, the boy scouts of america have a don't ask, don't tell policy on sexual orientation. but we find out some chapters quietly bend the rules for gay scouts. >> this hope is that this council will join in dozens if not hundreds of other councils and many other troops that have already openly decided to put aside the policy. >> reporter: but a policy change may not come easily. after meetin
to daily city. a heavy downpour. in palo alto you're likely to get wet here. pushing into redwood city over the next half hour. what you're seeing is the nature of what we'll find here throughout the tuesday forecast. very isolated in nature and more heavy when we do find it. do expect those areas of rainfall, and if you're heading anywhere near lake tahoe, already a foot of snow. we're expecting a foot or more headed up towards the north side near interstate 80. temperatures are cold out here, already close to the 40s in the north bay. 54 in napa. 56 in livermore. 54 in san jose. and the giants are going to the world series if you're just tuning in. it would be hard not to know. but they won that game seven. first game here wednesday in san francisco. so clear now but showers coming our way into san francisco over the next few minutes. now let's get you back to the weather boards over the next 48 hours. not only cold weather is with us, but enough instability in the upper level of the atmosphere that we will have the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the next two days. temperatures a
to be wet conditions especially north of redwood city and into the santa rosa area. i'm going to come back tonight. this has been changing a little bit each run. as it stands now halloween we have showers in the forecast especially north of hayward and fremont. your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view there it is. the parade, that's great. thank gosh for that. halloween that's a tough one because i know the kids you have a lot to do. >>> we're expecting to hear from a representative about the studio's future. >> also we continue to follow the track of that east coast super storm and the impact from massive damage from the jersey shore. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> he stole a base for free tacos and today the giant's own angel pagan was out serving them as well. we're going to show you what happened coming up in sports. >>> all right mark is here now, giants have not had a lot of down time and especially one player in particular. >> yeah, they got angel pagan out and about in the community today. preparade activities for that one giant in particular. the giant center field
their floating homes. we'll tell you what the redwood city planning commission will do. >>> new questions tonight about >>> new at 10:00, for years the rent has been cheap and the location good. the city commission is considering the future of pete's harbor. what's at stake for the people who live there, ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: the planning commission is still meeting at this hour behind closed doors trying to figure out the future of pete's harbor and how it might affect the people who live there. it's been a fixture for more than a half a century. pete's harbor has been home to people living in their boats on rvs. >> we did this originally to try it out for a year, we've been here for seven years. >> if everybody is ejected there'll be 488 people out of 86 boats and 40 people out of 20 recreational vehicles. >> the people who live at pete harbor heaven have been able to give their input into what happens to them. it's only been the developer and landlord who have given their input. >> i feel for a lot of the people but it's time to move on. >> reporter: paula is the widow of pet
in livermore, 73 in antioch, 60s across the bay, 61 redwood city, san jose 56, 57 in napa. we are looking warmer than average day. we are on our way to possibly records tomorrow and thursday. two degrees of warming in redwood city since yesterday, 16 in antioch, 10° warmer in santa rosa, a little patchy coastal fog mild to warm numbers from two to four degrees and warm to hot tomorrow and thursday as offshore flow kicks in. a lot of rain in the pacific northwest that continues today with frontal band continues to weaken as it slides east and once it pushes east, high pressure expanding that is the mechanism that will allow for the drier weather, lower relative humidity and gusty north to northeast winds that should get going later tonight into tomorrow. the combination of those two things allows for heightened fire danger around the bay area. we don't have watches or warnings, yet that could change and we are looking at poor relative humidity recovery overnight tonight that means no more fog after these few patches this morning. 76 san mateo, 85 livermore. low 80s santa cruz today, beach
about san bruno south over to half-moon bay, san mateo, redwood city some of that rain heading toward stanford, palo alto. if you're on the peninsula that is what is coming through. highs in the 60s. here is sal. >>> if you're driving on southbound 101 between novato and san rafael it looks good for you. no problems to the golden gate bridge. this is a look at san francisco. it looks like it's not raining quite as hard. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news new details. investigators are looking for the public's help looking for a man where a woman was violently assaulted before the home was set on fire. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge joins us with the new details including information on who investigators are looking for. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. sheriffs investigators say this was a vicious attack. the woman thalias in this house was brutally beat and her place was set on fire all in an attempt to cover up the crime. 58-year-old barbara was found dead inside the home. investigators believe she was killed by a man who broke into the house through
. the yellow is representing 70's. for the bay area it is going to be nice with 77 degrees expected in redwood city. santa clara, san jose and fremont. for the inland east bay valleys beautiful piece in fairfield, concord, pittsburgh. 75 in union city. cooler along the coast and pleasant. and will have 70's and mild temperatures for the north bay. the 49ers will take on the giants with mostly sunny conditions. it will be breezy. for those of you going to the giants and the cardinals came that is at 5 pm 66 degrees and mild for the cardinal's game. with an increasing clouds for the evening. your kron 4 7 day around the bay warmer weather. and a slight warming for the rest of the week. thursday and will be back into the 90s by then. as we go towards next week will cool it down and back to mild temperatures in the 80s. >> it is nearly half round two for pat riley and president barack obama as they prepare for their second debate. they are getting ready for mitt romney and barack obama. >> the next presidential debate is just a few days away and the candidates are in croatia in the mode. they spen
in campbell, mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula, redwood city 93° today. low to mid 70s half moon bay and pacifica, upper 70s dailiy and sunset. sausalito 88. mid to upper 70s beaches mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula i should say east bay shore. upper 90s, dangerous weather drink plenty fluids if you are working outside inland valleys. [ unintelligible ] 90 watsonville, 76 monterey, here's that coliseum forecast, rangers and a's go at 87:05, 70° dropping to six i -- 60 by the end of the game. thursday around 16 to 20° cooler coast to inland cooler saturday, sunday. >>> good morning. if you you are headed to the game, expect delays, 880 around the coliseum jams before and after. right now san mateo bridge looking good tail lights towards the highrise eastbound, headlights towards hayward.n8me8 roadwork, hopefully they will get that picked up betweens to -- elsewhere southbound 101 past lucas valley road, marin county nicely to the golden gate bridge fog-free and light traffic. out of antioch, slow traffic towards pittsburg about a 30 minute drive from hillcrest to 242 in concor
. 43 santa rosa. san rafael at 47 degrees. right at 50 san jose. and 50 redwood city. the low is finally moving because this system is bumping it along. it needs something called a kicker to kick it inland. it doesn't look like it's going over us. it looks like it will go parallel to the coast and head down toward central and southern california. possibility of a few showers mainly south. it looks like everything will stay south of us. it will be close. sunny and breezy. cooler afternoon after a cold morning. with the 30s and 40s. temperatures really close coast bay and inland. it's 36 up in clearlake right now. 71 walnut creek. oakland 67. alameda 65. 71 san jose. 60s in the coast. 64 san bruno. partly sunny and cloudy tuesday into wednesday. clearing and breezy nice thursday and friday does look a little warmer for the upcoming weekend. >>> thank you, steve. a special day ends in disaster. we'll show you the devastating brawl that broke out between two wedding parties in philadelphia and how one brides relative died as a result. >>> and president obama is touching down in th
is improving a bit with just three counts. but it just poor visibility and even redwood city. redwood city is only to my house. we are seeing areas of dense fog to start the work week. mostly cloudy conditions and generally in the 50s. and for this afternoon a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine. slightly warmer compared to yesterday. tonight prequel but a decent baseball forecast. -pretty cool. -- >> and also, high level clouds and the rain saying to the north of a split that ridge of high pressure will state employes for the next couple days with even warmer for the next couple of days. for the futurecast, the yellow is indicating the 70's in the orange is indicating the 80s. we will see 90's. for tonight, the yellow is indicating 70's with a cool down. and the east bay for this evening. you are able to go out but bring a jacket. mountain view, 76. and 77 degrees. cupertino, also palo alto. upper 60s and a trickle inland. with many 80s in danville, livermore, a san rafael, 77 downtown san francisco about 73 degrees. i promised your baseball forecast. it is the cardinals played the giants.
in oakland eight in san francisco 10 to 13 redwood city, concord, san jose napa, most temperatures low to mid 60s showers widely scatter same around monterey bay low 60s there low to mid 60s inland tonight the green comes back wave pushing through overnight we'll wake to ponding on the roads tomorrow maybe a little hail out of these storms we are now in the cold area, colder air sliding in on this 110 mile per hour jet stream going to scatter showers into today and tomorrow. once we get past it, showers will stay over the ocean thursday and then a little warmer friday, i think we'll notice warmest weather should fall in line with the weekend saturday and sunday. have a great day. >>> good morning. live shot of san rafael south 101 out of novato past lucas valley road towards the civic center marin, lucky drive low level of the freeway standing water off-ramp cortamadera creek area. checking in with mass transit everybody on time good way to get to work this morning. san jose past 280 past 1st pardon me past 10th, first reports of an accident possibly blocking lane there. if you are headed out
lee on why educators are split on the mission. >> reporter: it is crazy hair day here in redwood city. this classroom a glimpse of the future of public education. it is not green hair that will make the difference. kids here share ipads to learn math and other subjects. once considered a luxury will become a nessesty to -- necessity. >> we are not a rich school but we were able to get access for some students. >> reporter: schools with a high are ratio will be able to offer students more opportunity to take achievement tests. the bottom line, wealthier schools will get to pick their highest scores or those that are challenged will only get one chance to take the test. >> it is giving us the tools and techniques that our children will be able to compete globally. >> reporter: gone are the days where kids bubble in answers. teachers will encourage them to back up their responses with arguments as to how they came to a conclusion. students will not only have to learn theory but be asked to apply their knowledge to real world examples. some worry a one size fits all approach with guidelin
in our inland valleys. 60s in redwood city and take a look at the north bay. that cloud coverage was so persistent. as for take a look this satellite and refer there is one storm in here is a another. just the tail end of this system. that will stayed with us for the overnight hours. and more sunshine. fewer clothes on sunday. for will take a look and how warm it is going to get, coming up. the will all now know that the giants are going to face the st. louis cardinals scored nine-seven = final score tonight against washington national's. pish the giants will be on a plan from cincinnati tonight and should arrive in san francisco within the next couple of hours. >> at 11:00 p.m. the are responding to a disabled passengers tship called " neptune " with water with 18 passengers were rescued and taken to pull. 39. however, lance armstrong feared they could speech-doping was everywhere. -- also, a lesa close call near an asteroid. >> coming up we know where the giants are headed for the national league championship series. the 49ers have a little bit of a peace and the giants ♪ ♪ ♪ [
. rainfall totals varied around the bay area. redwood city almost an inch and a quarter of rain. santa rosa nearly the same amount. concord 3/4 of an inch. oakland half inch and less in san jose and livermore. a live look outside, right now on storm tracker 4, seeing rainfall in places like san rafael and other portions of the north bay, inland valley, south bay again. moderate rainfall continuing as we look at future cast. pinpointing cells into the 2:00 hour. spotty like we are seeing right now. 7:00, nothing much, areas of rain over harward. 10:00, spotty showers as well. i think we will see more activity than what future cast is seeing. we are under a general thunderstorm outlook for tomorrow into the afternoon. things could be picking up in fairfield, delta, north bay, it is mostly for the north bay and we could see brief periods of heavy rain. wednesday morning we will see a more steady pattern pushing in. we have more widespread rain, wednesday at midnight. 4:00, rain over the north bay. 9:00, pushing south of the golden gate bridge. by noon lightening up. later afternoon hours, the
to be nice and sunny. 77 degrees in redwood city. 80s and sunnyvale, santa clara. 80s in campbell and los gatos, 83 degrees. milpitas and if you are in any of those inland locations. 80s and walnut creek. hayward, union city and san francisco you can expect mild conditions and it is going to be a bit cooler but still nice. 69 degrees in san francisco and cooler with 65 and ocean beach. 78 in napa. 76 degrees in santa rosa. some events. the san francisco 49ers are going to be played the giants at 1:15 mostly sunny but they're going to be a bit breezy so i suggest to bring a jacket. with the increasing cloud coverage. and some nice baseball weather if you're going to to the giants by tomorrow? 66 degrees at 5:00 p.m. and for tomorrow evening be prepared. for your extended forecast that warming trend will continue and it is going to be hot. tuesday, wednesday, thursday is going to be the warmest friday, a bit of a mild cool down. >> this woman in minnesota is suing the meningitis outbreak from the drug company. this could just be the first in a series of mini. >> do people believe you? >> of
. that is pretty unusually warm for that area. 99 antioch. 98 fairfield. 96 redwood city. you know it is hot when you get heat like this surrounding the bay. when you see oakland, san francisco, redwood city, that is a big deal. that is why the national weather service was close to pulling the trigger on the heat advisory. they are not set up with air conditioning, san francisco, not many people have air conditioning. lows tonight mild. the nights are getting longer. over night lows get down a little bit. tomorrow, not as hot as today. when i come back, we will look that five-day forecast. see you back here. >>> another iphoneiphoneiphoneiphone iphoneiphone 5 glitch. >> how many people are not getting paid by their employers. ñçbÑ i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise
, hayward. san jose, redwood city, you got to 100 degrees and still a hot one out there in some cases, 90 degrees ant wok, 90 degrees at this hour in livermore, 80 degrees in oakland. 82 in napa, 83 in santa rosa so not too bad there. 85 degrees in san jose. we do have changes in store. way too hot for you. we've got a system here off the coast of southern california. you can even see the cloud formation beginning to build a southerly swell so by tomorrow the coast will begin to cool down first and then that cooler air is going to trickle in. so today we're going to say the heat by tomorrow, though, a subtle change in the temperatures. first there will be a slight cool down followed by a bigger drop on wednesday and you can see the temperatures will continue to fall on thursday. meanwhile tomorrow morning we start out a lot like this morning. low 60s in the forecast with mostly clear skies. 52 degrees for san ra kel, 54 in oakland, 58 redwood city, 60 degrees san jose, 69 livermore and antioch we'll see a pretty quick warmup once again our inland spots will be warm once again. 91 in santa
of 24 degrees lower than the reading at this hour yesterday. it's 13 degrees cooler now in redwood city than yesterday. 19 degrees cooler in oakland. and just single digits cooler inland east bay locations z there is a look at the forecast. temperatures ranging from mid-50s upper 70s tomorrow morning fog lingering at the coast. 50-5 degrees, mild into afternoons but not very warm with highs ranging tomorrow from about 60s on the coast to upper 70s to maybe about 80 into warmest locations. further cooling coming our way later,. >> thank you. >> and rangers hit allen rock park tell us the area will be open tomorrow. the park has been closed yesterday and today this is because of extreme fire danger and will open tomorrow on a restricted basis. >> and there is a warning about extreme fire conditions. cal fire says fall is when california has largest and most-damaging wildfires in these dry conditions this there is a potential for disaster, it's been a busy season for firefighters and cal fire says it's responded to 5300 fires this year, about 1300 more than last year, 20% more than average
60 degrees and winds in redwood city, 20 miles per hour out of the west. fairly typical weather. what is not typical is this here, this high pressure -- no -- well, yeah. that is why there is a chance of sprinkles into the forecast, the five-day forecast. by sitting here it is ushering in cool air, a few clouds as well and keeping the over night lows cool and keeping the fog away. making it tough for it to form. over night lows, 43 in santa rosa. 43 napa. fremont 52 degrees. that is cool. 53 in san jose tomorrow morning. that is downtown. cool. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. that is how it will be all week. north bay valleys, forestville, temperatures are down into the upper 30s, maybe even mid-30s. chilly. high pressure sitting to the east of us. low pressure is giving us this temperature drop. as it its there today, temperatures, last week, this week, 60s mostly. a few low 70s. when i come back, i will track this low. as it moves east it will throw up a chance of sprinkles. a chance of sprinkles back in the forecast. >>> two reports out today are casting doubt on the economic r
'll be streaming it live and on our ipad app as well. >> a huge treat for fans today in redwood city. >> oh, yes. the outfielder for the giants giving away free tacos and this is fun, leanne, you like hot or mild? >> i've got to say welcome to taco bell. can i take your order? that is what angel pagon was telling people as he was making food and serving it here. number 31 had help on how to prepare the perfect taco, asking what if i don't get it right? do i get fired? he got it right. a few stopped doing what they're doing to take a picture. he took orders at the drive threw. imagine that. >> my agent call immediate and said it was important. i feel happy i brought everybody together in the united states. it's a great moment for americans. >> and this is part of a promotion by taco bell promising if a major league player stole a base everyone would be treated to a taco between tk and 6:00. he delivered 8th inning how could anyone forget. so people here started lining up at 9:00 this morning and this is at the taco bell to get a glimpse of pagon and yes to, get that free taco. this is not just me
in redwood city. >> my agent call me and told me that it was a very important one was because i just won tack ecos for everybody. so i feel happy. i feel happy that i brought everybody together in the united states, and it's a great moment. >> we thank you. forget the free tacos. i think the people in redwood city were more excited about meeting the giants star. you see the lines were out the door. pagan is gone, but you still have time at all taco bells. the free taco promotion ends at 6:00. you have is about 60 minutes to get some food in your belly. >>> and once again, the victory parade is right here on nbc bay area. we are the proud broadcast home of the giants. you can watch our parade coverage. as monte francis mentioned, our coverage starts at 4:30 on the morning show. the actual parade begins at 11:00 a.m. if you can't make to it san francisco, if you're stuck at home or in your office, put us on tv or online at >>> still ahead at 5:00, a second shark attack on the california coastline. the details on the victim's condition, straight ahead. >>> and luke skywalker has
and chilly in the morning. we will likely see some 830 degree days. and san jose 73 tomorrow. 75 for redwood city and union city 71. concord you'll rebound to 75 tomorrow. nevada nef 72. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees. what a gorgeous weekend we're going to have. we're dry until tuesday but halloween we are looking at showers returning to the forecast and that's your forecast, we'll be right back. , i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ halloween: a chance to visit the coroner's office.s . >> just in time for halloween a to visit the coroners office. don ford on the unique open house for those with a nose for crime. >> crime scene investigator shows are some of the most popular o
island music festival and redwood city hosting a half-marathon and the embark dare row may be seeing a lot of bikes. live doppler 7 hd showing the cloud cover but not as much as we've had the past several days. we have a cold front pushing through the area. so you would think that we would see the results in terms of some cloud cover, maybe even some precip, but really this front is so weak that it is working to mix on out the cloud cover. that will allow for more sunshine today. 43 right now around fairfield. it's 47 in concord. so definitely some cool numbers around the bay, much cooler we had the past couple days, even though we were laden with low clouds. 54 in redwood city. 52 in mountain view and 48. so chilly down in san jose. that is six degrees cooler than yesterday. so notice everywhere except the city we are much chillier this morning, anywhere from ten to twelve degrees colder this morning. in santa rosa, fairfield and another six degrees of cooling in los gatos and redwood city. overall partly cloudy this morning with more sunshine this afternoon. and the mild temperatur
in the south bay. mid-70s in redwood city, palo alto and milpitas. places like antioch, livermore and 79 degrees in walnut creek. low 70's for the east bayshore. mid-70s for the coast. and mainly mid upper 70's in the north bay. as we take a look at the satellite and radar there is a system that is bringing rainfall to the north that will bring high cloud coverage to all our area. however come off nine these for the inland areas. '70s and '80s for the bay. 60s for the coast. >> coming up there is a series of recalls with salmonella. will have that report, when we come back >> welcome back. airport officials at anchorage international airport have evacuated travelers because of the reference to a bomb. travelers were evacuated to another airport terminal as the research team that luggage. he made that comment and the are being interviewed by authorities. officials have not found any explosives. the more charges against james holmes. 14 additional attempted murder charges have been approved. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring 60 in the month of july. he opened fire during the m
20 m.p.h. and the same in redwood city. 23 m.p.h. and san jose is this pattern is shifting. this dry, warm air is coming from the inland valleys it is raising the fire danger. i mentioned this yesterday with red flag warnings in effect for the eastern delta until 7:00 p.m. those are expected to be gusty. the humidity will be low and the temperatures are going to be warm. the trifecta it will definitely be something to watch. it's the skies will clear and some of those breezy conditions. and tomorrow this warming trend will continue for thursday. these gusting winds will keep the temperatures up over night with me 60s. a bit cooler along the coast. temperatures in the 50s. for the afternoon 80s in the south they feared 86 in palo alto. nine these in los gatos. for the inland valleys. self--86 degrees in cellophan self-pacedse pay south bay. south bay with temperatures much warmer even towards thursday but that warming trend will continue to be a short trend. with showers possibly early next week. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and t
half a mile. novato, santa rosa you are saying nothing out there. redwood city down to about a 10th of a mile visibility you might want to factor that into your morning commute. because of fox the average layover at as at all is about 50 minutes. by noon a lot of it will start to lift. we have a few areas of fog along the coast. more on your forecast of a bit. >> as we continue our coverage of the san francisco giants game for an long for the tigers to respond. in the third inning triple crown winner miguel cabrerra. in the sixth buster posey response with a to one shot to left field. buster posey home run put the giants a 3-2. in the bottom of the six on delomn young tied the game to three apiece and a stay that way. marco scutero comes up big again with a line drive to center. the giants were a 4- 3 at top of the 10th and to the bottom of the tent closer sergio romo takes to the mount and with a world series sweeps and sergio romo kids caberra looking. >> sergio romo got the three hardest out he could vassight up victorias and happy. in detroit they are waking up with a horrible h
later on today. golf tournament in san martin and redwood city, half marathon. union city a little doggie festival. sunny skies today but i want to show you the satellite and radar composite. this has cleared out nicely this morning. lots of clouds around. lifting mechanic thasm we needed to scour out the atmosphere has passed to the south and east of us. that is weak browned layer. cool temperatures still resulted. 46 in napa and santa rosa. 48 in livermore. 46 in concord. valleys much cooler than yesterday morning. we had all that cloud cover and with that blanket. temperatures were much more uniform. 9 degrees cooler than you were yesterday in concord and 6-7 degrees of cooling from mountain view and san jose. on the coast not much of a change. lots of sunshine and mild conditions this afternoon. weather will be warming day to day mostly. we'll stop the warming trend and hold it steady through the early part of the week, wednesday and thursday that is when we are looking for a big wind shift. here is the first system that is pushed down through that cleaned out the atmosphere. r
. low 100s in some places. livermore, 10e 3. richmond 96. redwood city, 95. record high, second straight day, san francisco in downtown. not @ airport, in the city. and oakland into the 90s for a second straight day. this is the warmest two-day stretch of weather in downtown san francisco since october of 2010. nearly two years ago. but guess what? things are changing. already the winds are blowing in. we'll talk about how chilly we'll get in ten minutes. >> and nobody is cleaning. thanks, paul. >> a trite little tribute for you. obama, mccain, how about a dash of ross perot? >> nope. no, no, and no. >> all right. >> give up? >> important commitment which i am trying to realize and continue to do so in the future. >> . >> it was jimmy carld in 1980. that showdown had an audience of 80 million people. the numbers hover around 60 million. the sarah palin debate bumped that number up over 70 million for only the second time in debate history. or maybe it was joe biden. i don't know. tomorrow night, another presidential debate will go into the contest involving two men who haven't sp
, redwood city, 93° one of the warm spots, 72 half moon bay coast upper 70s to near 80 sunset, daly city. 88 sausalito, 90s nor bay valleys, mid to upper 70s beaches. mid 80s to low 90s east bay shore. closer to the bay, only 90 watsonville today, 76 monterey, 72 carmel. got to beat the rangers to stay in contention for second playoff spot the a's need do that. cooling moves through the bay wednesday, inland thursday temperatures across the board 16° cooler by thursday, we'll see a few more degrees of cooling saturday and sunday dry all seven days. >>> good morning. nice live shot now 80 berkeley, past golden gate fields, university avenue into emeryville beginning to get busier no significant delays into the bay bridge toll, that remains light metering lights off, no problems heading into san francisco, eastbound four -- eastbound direction ongoing today. spare the air day i checked in with all mass transit everybody getting off to a great start, great way to get around. america's cup stars tomorrow, marina green, expect big delays within the viewing range marina green, embarcadero, doyle
is 102. probably won't reach that. oakland 87. 103 is the record. redwood city, 90. the record is 93. so we could possibly see a record there, as well as in san jose. some of this heat waive not as strong as we had anticipated. that's why the excessive heat advisory and watch was cancelled this morning. that's because we still have a little bit of a sea breeze right near the coast. overnight temperatures, 60s inland, 60s coastside and maybe upper 40s in the north bay. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. remember coming up two, three, maybe as much as four degrees tomorrow. tomorrow will be the last day before the cooling take place. san francisco 82. 96 isn't regulationa. interior east bay 100 for antioch, 101 for livermore. san jose in the heat as well at 94. gilmour 100 degrees. watsonville 90 and monterey, head to the coast, 76. one more day of excessive heat. tuesday and really into wednesday, that's when the low clouds and fog will return. the sea breeze will be with us and that will mean cooler temperatures ahead. you guys, 49er fans, 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook a
, the coast is clear. sanfrancisco at 73 degrees. and, nonexistent wind. meanwhile, redwood city, 90, santa rosa, looking out towards mount deablo. the humidity went down to 15%. and today it is not even the hottest day. still, miniy heat wave. it will be tomorrow. then, we start to so a cooling trend by thursday into friday. tonight, overnight, with that full harvest moon, numbers into the 50s. cooling off because we have longer overnight hours. meanwhile, records to beat as we forge ahead to our monday. it looks like santa rose a no way. not even san francisco. but, livermore can get close. oakland can see record high temperatures tomorrow and san jose the record, 98, still out of reach. we still had a huge dome of high pressure. in control, producing the flow. it does translate into record heat but it is all dry conditions because the winds are coming in from the inland areas out towards the beaches. that is the flow. pretty much on the flat side, 5- 10. never the less, humidity into the teens, not even single digits well inland. 60 to 80 through montero beaches all of the way into ocean
, san mateo -- burlingame, san mateo and redwood city. let's go to steve. >>> all of these records except for livermore were set on this date in 1980. it will be warm today. but we're not even close to records. it can get hot if we have a north-northeast wind. we don't have that. there's just that little puff of a westerly breeze. i will show you that in a second. otherwise the skies are clear. 58, livermore. antioch and fairfield. 59 san jose. so that's 60 in san francisco. it's calm at sfo. but there is a southwest at fairfield. not a big deal but it's a sea breeze component. it's still gonna be warm to hot. i think it's a sign of things to calm. 90s to 100 inland. it will be hot today and then a big cooldown starts for the coast and really ramps up for everybody as we head into midweek and beyond. sunny, warm. if you have been stuck in the fog. today will be another day. after that, i think all bets are off. 60s to near 100 degrees. it looks cooler on wednesday. a dramatic cooldown looks to be on the weather menu. >>> we're just two days away from the first presidential debate.
into thursday. low to mid 90s south bay today possibly 97 los gatos mid 80s millbrae 84, redwood city 93. half moon bay near 80° with mid 80s downtown san francisco, low to mid 90s north bay valleys your beaches in the north bay mid to upper 70s today, mid 80s to near 90° along the east bay shore dangerous heat east bay valleys. not too far to go if you want to spend money to stay cool. near 100 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. near record temperatures tahoe 81, 100 central valley to l.a., 86 san diego, 87 big sur warm at the coliseum tonight, 73° clear sky will cool to 64. lack of clouds temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooling trend starting tomorrow most prevalent at the coast temperatures back in the 60s, back in the 70s wednesday around the bay back in the 80s where we should be by thursday inland hold steady friday this weekend could be a few degrees cooler than average with more clouds during the morning that will help slow the growth those two days. -- 49,000 viewers have now liked us on facebook because that you are all eligible to enter our sweep stakes to win $49,000. go to fac
the temperatures. 9 # in yosemite, 80 around the monterey bay. 95 in morgan hill. 93 in san jose, 93 in redwood city. and the hottest numbers are in the triple digits in the pleasanton, livermore, brentwood and napa bay valley areas. inside the bay, maybe as high at 86 in san francisco and 86 in oakland. not record-breakers but close enough. it will still be hot out there. tomorrow slightly cooler but staying on the hot side. late in the day we may pickup patchy fog along the san mateo coastline but the cooler weather doesn't come until thursday and friday next weekend. it will be much nicer then around the bay area. >> a lot of people like the cool weather, so, they will be happy with it. >> thank you. >>> well, if you don't bring your own, you will buy it. the bag, that is. the san francisco plastic bag expanding. it will no longer be just the grocery stores. bring your own bag or pay for one. added to the list is retailer, bookstores and clothing stores. unless customers have a reusable bag, bull charged $0.10 perpaper bag. >> i leave me reusable bags in the trunk all the time and f
will be cooler than these. not so much inland. around the bay, redwood city, san francisco, they will come down a few degrees. it is not going to be 90 degrees. as we go through time, go through this week, the middle of the weekend, the marine layer gets fat, fogchise in, cool -- fog comes in, cools us off. wednesday and thursday. look forward to that cooling and hopefully we get through it without fire issues. no spare the air day tomorrow. but air quality, in some places, will be not what you want. wouldn't be a bad idea to carpool. 99 antioch. 99 bread wood -- brentwood. 96 in morgan hill. 97 gilroy. along the coast, really, really, really nice, temperatures tomorrow nice again. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. temperatures come down towards the end. more like you expect for fall. we are lucky we didn't have wind. >> that would have gone like that. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 racing for an over flow of people. >> from oracle to america's cup and fleet week, how the city plans to handle traffic and transit this week. >> and the idea that
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